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South Side Towing and Recovery for Nashville, TN Area

Nashville Towing, Recovery and Private Property Impound Services for your Vehicle or Non-Consent, make sure you call the Towing Professionals at South Side Towing. Our Towing & Recovery Services offers fast pickup and safe delivery of your Vehicle to your destination. Whether your car was involved in an accident, you have a flat tire or simply need a vehicle removed from your property; call South Side Towing for Services you can always count on.

We serve Residential and Commercial, several local Dealerships, Service/Tire Shops, Apartment Communities,Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Property Management Companies, Realtors, Motor Clubs, and the Nashville Amphitheater to name a few around middle Tennessee

We are also a Licensed Non-Consent Towing Service. If you have unauthorized Vehicles that are being abandoned or left on your property without authorization, parking in Tenants parking spaces illegally, violating Community Rules (expired tags, flats, parking on grass, broken glass, etc…), or blocking trash receptacles, mail boxes, docks; give us a call. Will remove these Vehicles from your property at No charge to you. Signs for posting will be provided at no extra charge. Quality Towing & Recovery Services here in Nashville, TN and surrounding Areas when you need us most at a price that’s affordable.

Our friendly & Helpful Dispatch is here awaiting your phone Call.

Call us at 615-770-2780. We also offer Medium Duty Truck and Equipment Towing.

We Speak Spanish (Hablamos español)

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Pick Up & Drop

Door Unlocking – Automotive only

Jump Starts

Flat Tire Change

Service in Parking Garages

Motorcycle Towing


Rollback Trucks

Junk Car Removal

Equipment Hauling

Shed & Small Building Hauling

Impounding - Private Property

Extrication/Winching Service


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